UMA Community

Below is a collection of resources for anyone interested in exploring UMA with beginner guides, analysis pieces, tools, partnership announcements, AMAs, podcasts, 3rd party apps, and much more.

Start by checking out our 2019 events: Upcoming October 28 in SF: Compound: Thesis II October 28-29 at UC Berkeley: Hart Lambur presents UMA's Decentralized Verification Mechanism at CESC November 8-10 at U. Waterloo: ETHWaterloo Hackathon

Past October 17 in NYC: Building a bitcoin/USD yield curve with Keep Network, UMA, Uniswap, and yTokens, Video October 14-15 in Beijing: Dragonfly Crypto Summit Oct 8-11 at Devcon5 Osaka Room B2: Building Synthetic Derivatives on Ethereum, Slides Hall D: BitDEX: Building a Decentralized BitMEX, Slides Oct 7 in Osaka: The path from overcollateralization to undercollateralization, video at 6:16 Oct 5 in Tokyo: How to scale DeFi to $T of value Oct 3 in NYC: DeFi NYC: Demo Day Oct 1 in NYC: TQuorum DeFi meets CeFi Panel Sept 16 in NYC: NYC Blockchain Devs: Intro to DeFi and Financial Derivatives on the Blockchain Sep 10-11 in London: How to scale DeFi to $T of value, Video Sep 10-11 in London: How to build synthetic derivatives on Ethereum, Video Sep 10 in London: Who really cares about decentralization anyway?, Video Sep 6-8 at ETH Boston Hackathon + DeFi panel + workshop, Bounty submissions August 15 in SF: Cross-Chain Summit August 6 in NYC: Blockchain DebateX July 31 at CryptoNYC Adding Economic Guarantees to Blockchain Oracles June in Toronto: Scaling Eth presentation May 17-19 at ETHNY Hackathon, Synthetic Assets Panel, Bounty submissions May 15 in NYC: A Morning Dose of DeFi May 9 in NYC: DeFi for Crypto Traders Night, Video April 28 at UC Berkeley: she256 DeFi panel April 26 at IDEO: Crypto Builders Day April 23 at CryptoNYC: RoundTable

2019 Interviews, podcasts, and press Oct 15: Huoxing coverage at Dragonfly Summit Sep 24: MakerDAO Community Call demo'ing Synthetic Token Builder Sep 21: DeFiNation, video Sep 19: Crypto AMA w/SpencerNoon, written Sep 12: TheBlockCrypto: "Coinbase-backed startup now enables users to tokenize the price of anything" June 11: WyreTalks ep.38: UMA, the Primitive for Tokenized Financial Exposure April 13: CruxofCrypto ep.5: Creating Synthetic Derivatives on the Blockchain March 27: TheBlockCrypto: "A crypto venture is launching a tokenized version of the stock market"

Learning Resource Center Read our whitepapers - last updated July 11, 2019 Read our research paper on using priceless contract design to build a decentralized BitMEX - last updated Sep 30, 2019 Create a Rinkeby custom token using the Synthetic Token Builder tool, intro Join our developer slack to be part of the conversation Sep 11: DeFi Prime Interview August 8: Adding Economic Guarantees to Blockchain Oracles August 5: How to trade the price of time, or an Interest Rate Swaps Workshop, Video July 23: Liquidity Mechanisms for Derivatives July 16: Intro to Synthetic Derivatives