IRL Events and Hackathons

Upcoming March 30, 2020: Monolith Digital #DeFi Meetup Meetup May 1-2, 2020: DeFi Full-Stack Agenda‚Äč

Past Feb 7, 2020 in SF: Tokenizing Traditional Assets Panel at 0xpo Agenda Dec 5 in NYC: Tachyon Founder Stories panel & networking Nov 21 1pm ET: MCD conference call Nov 13 in NYC: Liquidity: The Final Frontier, video Nov 11 in Toronto: ETHC DeFi Panel Nov 8-10 at U. Waterloo: ETHWaterloo - Oracle TechTalk October 30 in SF: October 28 in SF: Compound: Thesis II October 28-29 at UC Berkeley: Hart Lambur presents UMA's Decentralized Verification Mechanism at CESC October 24 in NY: dlab roundtable October 17 in NYC: Building a bitcoin/USD yield curve with Keep Network, UMA, Uniswap, and yTokens, Video October 14-15 in Beijing: Dragonfly Crypto Summit Oct 8-11 at Devcon5 Osaka Room B2: Building Synthetic Derivatives on Ethereum, Slides and Video Hall D: BitDEX: Building a Decentralized BitMEX, Slides and Video Oct 7 in Osaka: The path from overcollateralization to undercollateralization, video at 6:16 Oct 5 in Tokyo: How to scale DeFi to $T of value Oct 3 in NYC: DeFi NYC: Demo Day Oct 1 in NYC: TQuorum DeFi meets CeFi Panel Sept 16 in NYC: NYC Blockchain Devs: Intro to DeFi and Financial Derivatives on the Blockchain Sep 10-11 in London: How to scale DeFi to $T of value, Video Sep 10-11 in London: How to build synthetic derivatives on Ethereum, Video Sep 10 in London: Who really cares about decentralization anyway?, Video Sep 6-8 at ETH Boston Oracle TechTalk August 15 in SF: Cross-Chain Summit August 6 in NYC: Blockchain DebateX July 31 at CryptoNYC Adding Economic Guarantees to Blockchain Oracles June in Toronto: Scaling Eth presentation May 17-19 at ETHNY Hackathon, Synthetic Assets Panel, Bounty submissions May 15 in NYC: A Morning Dose of DeFi May 9 in NYC: DeFi for Crypto Traders Night, Video April 28 at UC Berkeley: she256 DeFi panel April 26 at IDEO: Crypto Builders Day April 23 at CryptoNYC: RoundTable